Friday, February 8, 2013

Bare – Five Minute Friday

I’ve spent some time with “nude” and “naked” in recent months. I’m not sure if “bare” fits in with those somewhere or not.

I do know that when I come to God, if I let myself go all the way into His presence, I am bare when I get there. He sees me bare all the time, but when I see myself bare and sense His acceptance of me so – that’s when I am free to worship.

I learned a long time ago a mnemonic for praying, an order to pray to help us remember what prayer is about. ACTS: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication. Gee, I learned that over thirty years ago, but now, as a Real Live Grownup, I am finally seeing it happen.

I think the confession part is making myself bare, taking off the coverings and conventions and expectations and imitations. I first spend time acknowledging who God is (adoring and praising Him), then it’s easy to feel comfortable baring my soul to Him.

I wonder what would have happened in Eden if, instead of hiding, Adam had considered Who was asking, “Where are you?” If instead of covering himself, Adam had stayed bare, body and soul, before his Maker, I wonder how things would have continued.

I wonder if doing laundry is part of The Curse that we wouldn’t have borne if Adam had stayed bare!

Lord, let me stay bare before You and never hide from You. When faced with truth, even uncomfortable truth, help me to stay uncovered and honest. Amen.

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  1. I think "nude" and "naked" deal more with state of dress. "Bare," on the other hand, goes beyond that and, as you suggest, includes both body and soul and the concept of being "exposed" and of revealing that which would normally be hidden from view. I'm glad to have discovered with you the freedom of hiding nothing from God.