Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brave - Five Minute Friday

I was brave this weekend because every single thing I did was something I’d never done before. I was a first-time mother of the groom. That’s why I’m writing today instead of Friday; it took me this long to have five minutes to sit still and write.

I tell my children that being brave doesn’t mean not being scared. It means doing the right thing even when you’re scared. I was scared a lot this weekend, but it all turned out well. I’m still quite scattered, unpacking, etc., but I kept thinking about things that are brave, so I’ve listed them. (Just so you know, they didn't all happen this weekend.)

going to your first dance
hosting a party
getting married
complimenting a stranger
caring for an infant
finishing the course
going to college
getting a job
living on a budget
smiling when you don’t feel like it
eating strange food
taking yucky medicine
accepting failure
getting out of bed
swimming in dark water
driving to the airport
holding a hand
staying quiet
admitting your mistake

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